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Our home nursing service provides personalized medical care in the patient’s family environment, helping to improve their quality of life and facilitating recovery from specific medical situations or the management of chronic health problems.

  • Basic health care: vital signs monitoring, medication administration, wound care, and monitoring of chronic conditions.
  • Rehabilitation: After surgery or injury, we assist with home rehabilitation in collaboration with specialists and physiotherapists from our team.
  • Care for chronic patients: continuous care for patients with diabetes, heart diseases, respiratory conditions, etc., helping to manage symptoms, control medication, and educating about the disease.
  • Palliative care: in cases of serious illnesses, we provide care to improve physical and emotional comfort for both the patient and their family.
  • Education and support: we offer education on health and healthy lifestyle habits, as well as support and counseling for patients and families facing health issues.
  • Patient monitoring: we provide regular follow-up for patients at home to assess their progress, detect any changes in their health condition, and coordinate care with other professionals in our team.
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Our nursing services

At DEBRES MEDICAL, we are committed to truly helping you prepare for your upcoming intervention. Therefore, our doctors, if deemed necessary after evaluation, can perform diagnostic tests and standard treatments during a consultation in your own home.

Vital signs measurement: Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation.

Wound dressing: Traumatic, Surgical, Ulcers, Burns.

Removal of surgical stitches or staples.

Medication and vaccine administration.

Maintenance/Cleaning of PICC lines/Portacaths.

Health Education/Promotion:

For diabetic patients

For patients with cardiovascular pathology

For patients with respiratory pathology (management of BiPAP, CPAP, nebulizers)

For patients with ostomies (colostomies, PEG tubes, tracheostomies)

For patients with enteral nutrition

Promotion/education for a healthy diet

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